Best Turban trainer in india-Ferozpuria Dastaar Academy-Punjabi Turban

Best Turban trainer in india – Firozpuria Dastar Academy-Punjabi Turban
The blog is a brief about my website and about Sikhism .I am Sikh with unique identity as every sikh has its own identity but what remains common among us is our “Turban”-which Differentiates us from billions on earth.

Punjabi Turban

Punabi Turban

Manjeet Singh Ferozpuria

The name Punjabi turban has a lot to say .Being a turban trainer I Manjeet Singh is a sikh & my only aim in life is to make sure that every Sikh follows the cultural and Sikh rituals time to time.Indians are all over the world and still they follow all cultures but at the same time the young generation needs to understand the Identity of Every Sikh is Turban.

Manjeet Singh

Turban Star Punjabi Turban

Love Punjabi Turban

We are running a punjabi turban training centre on the name of Ferozpuria Dastaar academy in bathinda which is already famous world wide but still i always want to keep my friends updated with our latest things.

Sr.Manjeet Singh has already given training to around 15000 people from various parts of India and foreign countries as well .We give training on turban tieing online as well .( You just need internet connection and webcam). Few days and you will be perfect in Turban tieing.

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