Turban Tying Videos – That’s a Wrap in Dastar

Ferozpuria Best Turban Training Centre St. No. 12, Near Dhillon Hospital Ajit Singh Road, Bathinda (Punjab) – INDIA

Contact Person: Manjit Singh
Phone: +91 94635 95040

Best Turban Training Website <> www.punjabiturban.com

For years I have been getting people asking for videos on how to tie a turban. So, I finally got around to working on the project. There are so many different ways to tie a turban. Even one turban which is the same style can be tied with many different variations. I plan to put up a web page and start posting the videos that I am making (along with other people’s videos). So, in the end there will be quite a collection of styles. I mostly wanted to share our local flavor of the turban. Especially the women’s turbans which are not as common. So, stay tuned!
Here is one of the videos on tying a Dhamala. Himat Singh is the teacher for today.
Let me know what you think. It takes a lot of time to do this all and I am trying to keep things simple. I guess given my little free time I’m trying to at least get something u

dastar Sira ( punjabiturban.com )


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