About me of Manjeet singh Firozpuria

My name is S.Manjeet Singh from Ferozepur (Village mallu wala), The website is to encourage people regarding Turban Training.Through this website our message is to tell people to wear turban everyday as it is our identity.When i see Punjabi’s all around the world going to Gurudwara’s,wearing turban and following all the sikh rituals,it makes me proud. I teach people how to tie all kinds of turbans.I have given seminars in all the villages of Punjab so that they can know more about Sikh culture. Punjabi’s are world famous for their hardwork and honesty.Being a sikh my only aim is to let people know that turban is our respect and we should know how to tie it in perfectly I have tied turbans,dastaars,and all kinds of turbans to the people of punjabi film industry like Beenu Dhillon ji,Grewal ji,Gagan Sidhu in movies and songs..The upcoming movie Son of Sardaar Staring (Ajay Devgan) i thank them to make me a part of this movie as i tied turban to the cast of movie which is the biggest achievement i have till now.I have a Academy on the name of Ferozpuria turban training centre which is already quite popular among people of punjab,Bathinda who really want to learn how it is to be like a Sikh.www.punjabiturban.comBest Turban Tying Academy In Bathinda

Sat Shri akal ji sariyan nu..
15 tarik nu hoye kabaddi de world cup tuhade veer S. Manjeet Singh Ferozpuria ne aap sab ji de pyar sakda atte dhan dhan sri guru granth sahib ji de ashridwad sadka guru nanak statdium ludhiana vikhe 2 bullet motocycle te khade ho ke pagg bannan da kartab dikha ke saara staduim jhuman laga ditta. khud Punjab de mukhmantri S. Parkash Singh Badal ji ne up mukhmantri S. Sukhbir Singh Badal ji ne iss Kartab di khub sarahna kitti. so mein dilo bahut dhanwadi hai apne saare sehyogiyan da jihna ne meinu bahut sehyod ditta te khass kar aap sab da jihna da pyar meinu itho tak le ke aaya. umeed karda ha ki aap sab meinu aage ton v isse taran pyar te maan sanmaan bakhsde rahonge — Rabb Rakha



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